Natural herbs have been used in ancient civilizations such as the Maya’s, Egypts, Indian and Chinese culture to preserve food for a longer time. But also to act as healthy weightloss stimulants. The benefits of natural spices are many and some act as fat burning herbs.

Most of the time we are unaware of these medicinal properties while we have these home remedies just in our kitchen cabinet.

I do want to emphasis that there is not a magic weight loss potion or pill that will make you lose weight overnight.

Living healthy and eating clean is a must when you want to stay in shape and lose some extra weight.

These herbs will support you in your weight loss efforts and can help a lot.

But do not expect that a cup of Ginseng tea will help you lose 2 pounds after you’ve just ate McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken in a single evening.

fat burning herbs

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1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great spice who are into sweets.

It will help to ease your sugar cravings and the best part is that you can add it to a lot of recipes.

Cinnamon is good in regulating your blood sugar levels.

This is good to prevent the extra storage of fat. In addition, it is a great spice that will keep you full for a long amount of time.

2. Ginseng

Ginseng is great to speed up the metabolism and to have more energy throughout the day.

It has been used for a long time in the Chinese culture as a traditional medicine to improve general health and stamina.

Ginseng also prevents the the body’s ability to store more fat. It is also a good to consume when you have a lot of stress.

Stress might be one of the big reasons why you are gaining weight. Ginseng will improve the way your body can cope with stress.

How to use it?

There are many ways to use it. The tea variant might be the best and simplest way.

You can buy fresh ginseng and cut it into pieces and let it soak in hot water.

Alternatively, you can get just like me some ginseng tea bags and just use it as regular tea.

There are many ways to use it. The tea variant might be the best and simplest way.

You can buy fresh ginseng and cut it into pieces and let it soak in hot water.  Alternatively, you can get just like me some ginseng tea bags and just use it as regular tea.

3. Turmeric

Not a lot of people are familiar with turmeric but it is worthy of noting.

It contains an active ingredient called curcumin which helps to increase your body heat and therefore also your metabolism.

A high metabolism is crucial if you want to burn calories while you are resting.

How to use it?

You can add it on top of your vegetables and dishes.

Or you can buy the powder form and sprinkle it on top of your dishes.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble with this you could also get the turmeric supplements.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a nifty spice that you could add to almost every dish you eat.

Not only does this spice make your metabolism go higher and burn more calories, it also prevents you from overeating.

5. Peppermint

This one is good to keep your breath fresh throughout the whole day. Have a fresh made mint tea everyday.

This will improve your digestion and it controls your appetite and cravings as well.

How to make it?

Get your own mint plant or buy some fresh mint leaves on the local market.

Grab a few leaves and let it sit in a glass of hot water.

Make sure not to use hot boiling water as this will burn the leaves.

Let the hot water rest for a couple of minutes. You can use organic honey as well to sweeten it.

This is how the Moroccans make their mint tea.

Just make sure that it is organic tea and not one from the grocery store full of artificial additives. See the video below on how you can recognize the difference.

Get organic honey in your kitchen right now and use the honey below for your mint tea.

6. Ginger

Ginger is also used frequently in Chinese traditional medicine and it is the number one solution for a number of health issues.

It contains lots of antioxidants and is therefore good in cleaning the body from excess of waste and toxins.

This will help your body operate more efficiently and burn that fat at a higher rate.

Read my article on Ginger Tea where I go in-depth about the health benefits of Ginger

How to make it?

Get some fresh ginger, remove the skin and cut it into pieces.​

Let it sit in a glass of hot water and add some organic honey for your own home made ginger tea.

Alternatively, if you want to have a ginger tea at the office or on the go. Try ginger tea bags!

7. Coriander

Coriander is good in improving the digestive system.

A bad digestive system is one of the main causes for weight gain.

It’s full of nutrients and mostly used in the Asian and Mexican cuisine.

It can be used as a detox drink as well.

Let some coriander leaves infuse with water for some time and drink this throughout the day.

8. Oregano

Oregano supports the digestive system and reduces bloating.

Note that you must use fresh oregano herbs and add it at the end of the cooking process so that you can preserve the essential nutrients.

9. Dandelion

Dandelion helps to reduce cholesterol and to remove fatty acids from the digestive system.

It is full of vitamins and minerals.

It is a mild diuretic. In Chinese medicine dandelion is used to cleanse the body and to stimulate the urine production without loss of vitamins or minerals.

How to use it?

The Chinese use the dried dandelion as a tea.

Get some roots and let is sit in hot water for at least 10 minutes.

The more dandelion you add, the stronger your drink.

You can also get dandelion tea bags for your convenience.

Experiment with dandelion tea and get dandelion tea bags here:

10. Garlic

One of the basic necessities present in every kitchen.

Garlic is a powerful in detoxing your body, it purifies your body and removes all kinds of toxins.

Garlic is also good to remove the cravings for junk food you might have when you are on a diet.

The best thing about garlic is that you can add to almost anything.

When I am stir frying my vegetables, garlic is always the first ingredient that I add in to my wok.

I let the oil do the work and it releases the fragrant of garlic into the vegetables that I add later.

Tip: When you buy garlic, avoid the moist ones and those that have brown stains. Get only garlic cloves that are white and firm.


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