How Tracking Can Help with Weight Loss

Let’s be honest no one likes to track every sandwich, cookie, or piece of candy that they eat. It is so much easier to say, “I’m going to just cut back on my food without doing all that”, but each month you find yourself either gaining weight or staying the same, and you do not understand why.

I know because I was that person, and I run into this person every day. The person who claims they have everything under control, and you watch them get bigger and bigger each week.

It is easy to miscalculate what you eat on a daily basis.  It can be hard to calculate the calories you need to lose, gain or maintain your weight. Well the good news is we have technology making our lives so much easier.

We can download apps like MyFitnessPal, or Loseit that will track everything for you, and all you have to do is scan a barcode, or type in everything you eat throughout the day.

These apps can even track your physical activity. Not only does itl tell you the total calories you are eating, but you can also figure out how many more, or less calories you are eating relative to your calorie burn. If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight, and if you eat less, you lose weight.

If you are old fashion you can print a food diary or use a physical journal to track your food. It is easy to look up the calories in anything nowadays just go to the internet and you can look up the calories that is in fast food, packaged food, and even your favorite recipes.

I recommend tracking your calories because it stops the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. You will also feel more confident and in control of your life when you can get control of your weight and eating habits.

By learning more about calories, you also learn more about portion control and the types of foods you can eat in larger portions like lean meats, vegetables, and certain fruits, and the types of food you want to eat sparingly.

Overall, you become better at portion control and learning how to control your weight. I am not saying that you have to track your food for the rest of your life. Tracking your food or calories is a good way to have understanding of calories, leading to having self-control and creating healthy habits.

A few weeks of tracking is better than no tracking at all. You will see results if you stick with it for a few weeks. Remember our current habits are subconscious, so by making yourself conscious of how you are eating daily, it makes getting control of your eating habits easier leading to success in achieving your health and fitness goals.
How Tracking Can Help with Weight Loss

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