How to lose belly fat easily

Cutting out fat foods is the answer to how to lose belly fat, there are numerous ways to lose belly fat , but I want you to bear in mind that you won’t lose belly fat over night.

It’s impossible to lose weight in a particular part of the body, looking to lose belly fat from doing sit ups and HIIT workouts alone is Impossible, if your still suffering from unhealthy eating habits and junky lifestyle.

Workouts will only tone that part of your body and not burn any fat in particular.
In this article on how to lose belly fat, we will cover:

  • The different types of fat
  • The causes of belly fat
  • The solutions to how to lose belly fat

how to lose belly fat

The different types of fat

Intramuscular fat:

This fat is found within your skeletal muscles , around the bones and joints

Subcutaneous fat:

This is the fat thsts right under your skin, that the fat you feel when you pinch. This fat doesn’t pose a high risk on health

Viseral fat:

This is the fat that surrounds the organs and if it gets too concentrated, it can lead to a more serious diesease including high blood presssure, cholesterol , heart disease. This is the fat we are aiming to BURN.

The major causes of belly fat
How to lose belly fat ..caused by stress


cortisol is a stress hormone that when high in your body can store fat especially around your lower belly, we can totally avoid stress but its wise to list out things that stress you and try to manage them
Lack of sleep:

To admit this first, I get less than 6 hrs sleep daily but I try to make up for it with cat sleeps during the day which is not healthy because its just broken sleep throughout.

We should aim to get about 8 -9 hrs sound sleep daily. Consistent lack of sound sleep can make you weigh 30 pounds more over time.

Even if you’re doing workouts you need sleep to recover, good sleep, also sleep will help you cut cravings.

Bad nutrition & unhealthy eating :

When your have your sleep under control and you still have a big belly, the next thing is your nutrition. Are you eating the right foods that burn belly fat?

Containing lots of protein and low carbs , stop the refined carbs ,beer and sugary drinks including soda.

Start to really engage and note what you eat, prepare your own meals.
How to lose belly fat the right way
Sleeping to lose belly fat

1. sleep to lose belly fat

Sleep doesn’t just help you lose belly fat, there are a lot of benefits from getting quality sleep well.

Yeah most of us have very tight schedules, and are very busy even up until the night and some people even hold two jobs to meet up.

Even if you can’t get up to 8 hrs of required sleep, if you’re etting only 5hrs of sleep.

Try to make it quality sleep, if you know ehat i mean.

You know little babies when they sleep, you can see their tummies moving up and down due to good breathes.

Thats what i mean by quality sleep.

Also the amout of sleep you get depends, if you’re exercising or doing any form of workouts then you should get more sleep than someone that doesn’t exercise.

2. Eat foods that burn belly fat

Just like we have foods that can help you lose weight, there are some foods that burn belly fat.

Some of those foods that burn belly fat include avocadoes, yoghurts , spicy foods.

Most of these foods that burn belly fat are great metabolism boosters, and contain vitamin c also you check food that contain low calories.

You should add this foods to your diets to lose weight.

3. Avoid foods that cause belly fat

Avoid sugar _how to lose belly fat
Some foods store directly on your lower belly and remain there enjoying life and getting bigger and bigger.

You should really try to cut or avoid the following foods

Processed foods
prepare your own meals even though this might be time consuming and difficult.

The best way to get really healthy is to eat home made foods.

Remove all the processed food from you diet.

It might not be easy to start this at once, but make your own breakfast and dinner daily.

Suggary stuffs
Sugar craving is the king of them all, and it a difficult habit to curb, you can start slowly by taking water instead of soda and by adding fruits as sweetener instead of sugar.

Sugar goes straight to your belly and accumulates there over time, resulting in a permanent big belly. sometimes the gas from the soda stays for a while in the belly, adding to the fat.

Carry a bottle of water with you as you move, to reduce the sugar you crave, overtime you should get used to taking water instead of sugar coated soda drinks or fruit juices.

You’re asking how to lose belly fat and you’re still taking alcohol and beer?

You should really quit, alcohol can pose some real health damage, alcohol and beer contains just sugar and carbs, they are the fastest ways to a big belly.

4. Eat your carbs at night.

Eat carbs at night how to lose belly fat It’s better to eat your carbs at night, when you eat those carbs in the night they help you sleep better and create serotonin to help you stay calm and relaxed.

Now when I say eay your carbs at night, I don’t mean by your bed side or while in bed.

Thats bad, thats late night eating.
Eat your carbs early enough, stop every form of eating and snacking before 9pm.

If you feel hungry DRINK WATER , snack on nuts.
most people when thinking of how to lose belly fat, assume that they should reduce the consumed fat foods.

A study at John Hopkins Medicine found that participants that reduced their carbs lost more belly fat about 10 pounds than those that reduced fats.

If you think by reducing fat, you will lose belly fat, thats wrong.

Try reducing carbs instead.
You shouldn’t cut off carbs completely by the way, so the perfect time for carbs is at night before 9pm.

Don’t get me wrong when I say carbs, I mean unprocessed carbs including white rice and pasta plus this two foods are easy to make.

Remember “home made foods”.

5. Engage in physical activities

We all know it’s not so healthy to sit in one position all day, especially if we had both breakfast and launch in that position.

It’s wise to get up and move around after eating so you don’t give food the chance to store at your lower belly.

You might be wondering what physical activity you can engage in since you are a busy person, just walking alone will help burnfat and metabolise your body.

When looking to lose belly fat, you have to first stop the fat from building up, then you can start burning belly fat.

The way to do this is with physical activities as this also has a lot of added benefit to it.

  • some physical activities you can do:
  • Walking
  • Skipping ropes
  • Dancing
  • On a spot jogging
  • And some sit ups here and there

While at it, try not to over exercise, believing you can lose belly fat in a day or two is wrong, this will only lead over production of cortisol in the blood stream which helps to build more fat.

6. Try Yoga to lose belly fat.

Yoga and it benefits are so many, yoga can help you burn fat in general in the easiest way possible.

There are some yoga poses directed at the belly area, though this yoga poses might not only burn belly fat for you but these poses also can make you more flexible, reduce stress and anxiety.

I recently wrote an article weightloss yoga for beginners that contains poses that can be easily practiced by beginners and plus size people.

If you love this article on how to lose belly fat and you have will power to start losing weight fast Today. 

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