7 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Eyesight Without Laser Surgery Or Glasses

Just about everyone’s eyes go bad after the year pass. It becomes more difficult to see things that are close to you or things that are further away. At a point in our lives we won’t be able to see anything clear anymore.

7 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Eyesight Without Laser Surgery Or Glasses

Wearing glasses or contacts usually helps, but is there a way to repair your vision? Definitely! Here’s how:

Taking your Glasses Off

If you have to wear glasses every day, try to spend some time not wearing them. According to a study conducted by the Ghana Medical Journal, 64% of Nigerian undergraduate students believe that glasses are harmful to your eyes, and according to a study conducted in Brazil, even medical stuff believes that glasses can cause a serious damage to your vision.

Going Outside

You should spend more time in nature. Your eyes will be less exposed to light sources that may damage your vision, if you are hiking or hanging out in a park regularly.

Resting your Eyes

We recommend you to give your eyes a break several times every day. You can just close your eyes for a few minutes and calm your eye pressure, or go into a room with low lighting. Make sure to pay attention and adjust the brightness at your computer screen if you have to spend most of your day looking at it.

20-20-20 Rule

Try to use the 20-20-20 Rule, and take regular breaks from looking at your computer. This is very interesting eye exercise, and it’s very simple to implement. For every 20 minutes of computer use, take a break and stare at something that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Eye Massage

Several times a day, give your eyes a massage by gently applying pressure and rubbing the areas around your eye socket. It is very healthy for your eyes to use your index finger and thumb to gently press on the area tight above the inner corner of your eyes. Stimulate the circulation in the eye area by massaging your temples and the area on the back of your skull directly behind your eye sockets.

Warm Compression

A commonly used method to treat eye problems is Warm Compression. Gently press a warm, damp cloth against your eyes for half an hour a day. This is a proven method, and it is very helpful for moisten dry eyes.

Adding to your Diet

Entering a good amount of sweet potatoes and carrots every day, it could improve your eye health. These foods have high vitamin A, a nutrient which is essential to good vision.

Implementing the following 16 simple exercises shown bellow will improve the strength and the vision of your eyes. Just follow the lines in the directions that the arrows are pointing. If you are doing this by the first time, try to focus on each symbol individually and just stare at them for a while so you can fully understand the meaning of them.

NOTE: if this is the first time doing this exercise, focus on one item and stare at it for a while. Your mind will absorb the meaning of the symbol. Your eyes may tear up and want to close a little bit. This means they’re relaxed.

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