How To Remove The Embarrassing Bruises on Your Skin In a Natural Way?

Some of us have very sensitive skin that even the slightest bump automatically causes us bruise. But, you can get rid of these embarrassing spots with the help of the miraculous fruit and vegetable.

The sensitive skin, on which even the smallest pressure causes bruise, can sometimes cause us trouble. This goes especially to the ladies that enjoy wearing skirts

and short dresses during the summer, but don’t have courage to show their legs because they look like someone had just beaten them.

But, the embarrassing spots can be wiped off with the help of the miraculous fruit and vegetable that eliminate those bruises on the skin.


Put a piece of pineapple on the bruise and fix it with a bandage. Let it stay for half an hour or the whole hour. The pineapple contains ferment that improves the absorption of the haematoma, by which process the problem with the bruise is solved in no time.


Cut a circle piece of onion and fix it on the bruise with a bandage. Let it stay for almost an hour. Do it a couple of times during the day and the results will amaze you!


Boil a potato with its skin. Rip the skin off of, mash it and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and a couple drops of water, then put it on the bruise. Leave to work for a couple of hours.

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