Here 19 Medicine Free Stomach Ache Remedies You Never Knew About !!!

Our stomach does a lot for us each day. It digests the junk we put into it, as well as the healthy stuff. Without this vital organ, we simply wouldn’t have any energy whatsoever.

However, sometimes our stomach betrays us. Maybe we betray it first by stuffing in so much that it gets overworked. Whatever the case may be, an upset stomach is quite a serious condition. It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing, not to mention inconvenient. Plus, you’re afraid to put anything in your mouth for fear of aggravating it.

Never fear, though, there’s not much need for over the counter medication. That may be effective but can cause more problems later on. Read on below for some natural solutions:

1.Minty Carrot

Carrots are a superb form of nourishment. Peppermint, or any other kind of mint, works hard to calm an upset stomach. So all you have to do is slice up four carrots and put them in about four cups of water. Then add one teaspoon dried mint. If you don’t have any loosely dried mint, a mint-flavored teabag would do just as well. Cook this mixture for around fifteen minutes or until the carrots are soft enough to blend. Use the medium heat setting.
Remove the teabag from the mixture; remove the mixture from the heat. Then blend that minty carrot into a soup and drink up! A little ginger or lemon could further enhance the healing properties of this concoction.

2. A Starchy Kind of Tea

You know how starch makes clothes all stiff? It could do the same for your loose stomach! Just boil a half-cup of rice using around six cups of water. Keep it boiling for a quarter of an hour. Then strain the water into a cup, and drink it while it’s still warm.
If you can’t get the plain rice tea down, try adding some honey or sugar. For your dinner, eat the rice. It’s filling, light, and would absorb nasty bacteria in your stomach too.

3. Let the Toaster Help

Light foods are what you need to replenish your energy when your stomach is draining it away. Toast is one of the more bulky kinds of food you can chew on to help with your upset stomach.
However, toast is even better for your sensitive insides when it’s burnt a little. That’s right; put that bread back in the toaster for a double round! The charred part actually helps a lot by soaking up all those yucky toxins in your body.
If you can’t stomach dry burnt toast, put a bit of jam or jelly on top.

4. ACV to the Rescue

Apple cider vinegar is surely the all-rounder of seasonings. It cleans out bathrooms perfectly, so why not our stomach? Plus, many people drink it as a way to cleanse the body, lose weight, and for numerous other reasons.
So when your tummy starts that ominous sound, mix a tablespoon of ACV and honey. Dissolve this mixture in a cup of warm water. This would greatly help with your digestive problems, cramps, gas, and whatever is causing you to bend over double. Your heartburn can also disappear through this remedy.
Don’t overdo it though. Actually, it tastes so bitter that you probably don’t need this warning. Once or twice a day is usually enough to get you feeling better.

5. Pardon the Language

Many suggest the CRAP diet plan for those with upset tummies. CRAP actually stands for cherries, raisins, apricots, and prunes. These four fruits are chockfull of nutrients and fiber that can help your stomach digest food properly. No more funny business!

6. Nature’s Gift

Another natural food that helps with these stomach ailments is yogurt. It’s preferred that you use homemade or all-natural yogurt though. This sort of yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria that eats up the weird stuff making your insides queasy.
Simply put, yogurt contains a lot of probiotics that could enhance your immune and digestive systems. You could blend it with a few pieces of banana if you don’t like the plain kind. However, don’t opt for the processed flavored kind. That would do more harm than good.

7. Seeding it Up

Caraway seeds fall somewhere in between fennel and cumin seeds. However, they have a power and health value all their own! They are filled with minerals, vitamins, and all sorts of good stuff that fights off evil bacteria. Incidentally, the evil bacteria reside in your upset stomach. So get those caraway seeds in there to start the battle for glowing health!
All you have to do is grab a handful of them after you’ve eaten, and start chewing. This would do away with bloating, gas, indigestion, or whatever is making you uncomfortable.

8. More Seeds

Fennel seeds have an amazing, almost minty kind of flavor. They’re very handy to chew on when one has a misbehaving stomach. Again, it helps with gas, cramping….you get the picture. You can boil the seeds and consume the resulting tea, or simply start nibbling at them raw. They taste great after roasting in a dry frying pan or skillet too!
The best part is perhaps that fennel seeds also double as a mouth freshener. Your upset stomach can cause some serious sulfur burps. These could have people running away from the smell of rotten eggs coming from your mouth. Plus, they also help with nausea. With fennel seeds in your mouth, you can fight the root of the problem while eliminating its symptoms!

9. Heating Things Up

Turns out you don’t have to consume anything for an upset stomach. Many of us feel like throwing up at the very sight of food in such a case, so this one would make them happy! All you have to do is put a hot water bottle, heating pad, or hot cloth on your tummy.
The heat gets the blood circulation up and running much better than before. Obviously, this also helps with cramps. The pain can then go from your stomach to nearer the surface. Here, it won’t be as perceptible.
In general, keep your stomach away from the wind and open air for a while. Sleep with a cushion on your stomach, and cover with a blanket. The air from your ceiling fan could aggravate your already sensitive insides.

10. Real Ginger has a Soul

Ginger was mentioned in the very first point. However, it is an excellent remedy for upset stomachs on its own. It fights both bacteria and fungus when consumed and thus helps in relieving those stomach pains. Your digestive system is also sure to get back to its full health quickly if you drink up some ginger.

Alternatively, you can simply boil a couple of fresh ginger pieces. This tea could then be enjoyed throughout the day. However, if you have high blood pressure, don’t go for the ginger.

11. Go Rob a Monkey

Bananas are a vital food for curing any stomach problems you may have. Not only does it help with an upset stomach, but also when you feel constipated. It’s soft and gets digested easily, along with removing that extra acid from the stomach.

Bananas also contain pectin, which helps in controlling your stools. Lastly, they also have a lot of potassium, which can help to make up the electrolytes you lose due to diarrhea.

The way to consume bananas for medicinal purposes is to mash them up. Then mix them in some buttermilk, and enjoy! Alternatively, you can enjoy your mashed bananas with some tangy tamarind pulp and a dash of salt. Consume bananas like this at least twice for a couple of days.

12. Mint

Mint by itself can freshen your mouth, relieve indigestion, and alleviate nausea all at the same time. It also has antispasmodic and antibacterial qualities. Digestion and bile flow would also behave themselves if you expose them to this humble but powerful herb.

You can blend fresh mint and get a spoonful of mint juice this way. Add some honey, lime juice, and drink. Two or three days of this mixture twice a day would hopefully have you feeling better.
If this is too much work, boil some dried mint in water. Strain and enjoy the tea!

13. The Disk Seeds

Fenugreek seeds look like tiny light brown disks. Many may not realize it, but they are actually chock full of nutrients and health benefits. Even beauty bloggers have been known to use them in their face and hair masks!

Your upset stomach would also thank you for their use. Fenugreek seeds contain a lot of mucilage. This makes the stool bulkier and the pain a lot less. You can then also wave your gastritis goodbye!
You can take your fenugreek in two ways.

Either swallow its powder a few times a day. You’d better chase it with a spoonful of yogurt to get the weird taste away. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, just add the powder to a glass of water. Drink the mixture twice a day for a few days.

14. Spicy Seeds

Cumin seeds are used in Indian dishes, most likely rice or curry. It is also used in several delicacies, including biscuits. However, this sharp little spice is also excellent for gastrointestinal problems.
Cumin seeds (also called zeera) mainly help in soothing stomach muscles. This makes the stomach able to rest. It also helps with digestion by upping the levels of enzymes needed for the digestive system.

You don’t have to chew these seeds though. Simply put one teaspoon into a cup of hot water. Wait a few minutes, and then drink up the tea. This should be done a few times a day until you notice a difference.

As an alternative, you can add roasted cumin and black salt to buttermilk. You can also add roasted cumin powder to honey and consume it several times a day.

15. Soothing Nerves and Stomach

If you’ve ever been stressed, chances are that chamomile tea calms you down. Chamomile also works as a soother for your stomach. It makes the muscle lining in your digestive system all relaxed and cramp-free.

Take the chamomile tea with peppermint and honey. You would soon drift away in clouds of pain-free contentment.

16. Taste the Sweetness

Cinnamon isn’t just for rolls and apple pies. This sweet spice can actually help with everything wrong in your stomach. It has carminative qualities, which prompt the digestive system into working properly.

Simply boil a cup of water, and mix a quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon into it. It’s best to use freshly ground cinnamon, or simply pour the hot water over a cinnamon stick. Let the water and cinnamon infuse for around five minutes. You can then consume the tea several times a day.

You can also eat the half teaspoon of cinnamon powder by mixing it with a tablespoon of honey. Or just put it in some warm water too. If you feel up to having a little butter, spread some on toast and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top.

17. Saucing the Apple

Another fulfilling yet clothing food for an upset stomach is good old applesauce. Don’t add sugar, the apples are sweet enough on their own. You also want to remove the skin before cooking them, as Apple skins can be very hard on the stomach.

All you need to do is cook a couple of chopped and skinned apples in a cup of water. You can then mash them with a fork, or blend. Sprinkle in some cinnamon for a great meal and a healthier stomach!

18. Hydration Above All

Sadly, we usually forget to consume enough water when going about our daily lives. However, our bodies need this liquid to work properly. If your stomach is bothering you, you should be drinking water even more regularly. Sure, it may cause you to run to the bathroom more frequently. However, this is a small price to pay for enhanced health.

When you have the runs, you’re also more likely to get dehydrated. This means that you need to drink even more water in order to flush out the bacteria inside you.

19. Fighting Acid with Acid

It’s strange to think of an acid being used to combat the acid that’s making your stomach turn. Still, the citric acid in lemon or lime juice can do wonders when you’re having digestion problems.
Basically, your stomach gets upset when the hydrochloric acid inside it gets used up.

Lemon juice mixed in water and consumed can help with the production of more hydrochloric acid. This greatly eases the burden on the stomach.

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