8 Biggest Diet Mistakes For Women Over 30

8 Biggest Diet Mistakes For Women Over 30
There are so many reasons why being 30 is the prime of your life. You’re taking off in your career, starting a lovely family, sporting a healthy work-life balance, or all of the above. You’ve got things figured out and are enjoying the benefits of being a full-blown adult.

At any age, maintaining a good physique and healthy lifestyle is extremely important. It not only makes you look good on the outside, but it also keeps you feeling right on the inside. When you reach the big 3-0, however, it gets a bit more difficult to maintain the right weight. Due to the muscle and bone loss that comes with aging, your metabolism starts slowing down and can in turn result to a build of stored fat in your body.

Many turn to diet fads and extreme workouts to help solve the problem and that’s great, except, there might be certain things you’re doing wrong. We’ve summed up a list of the top 8 practices you need to rid yourself of to help you get to the body you want.

1 Weigh Yourself On A Regular Basis

We are all obsessed with maintaining our trim physique and believe the scale is the best teller for this. However, because after 30 you begin to lose bone and muscle mass which is much heavier than fat, it isn’t that simple anymore.

Instead of relying on the scale as a means of measuring your weight gain or loss, choose a pair of skinny jeans and a nicely fitted shirt. Make them your body peg. Regularly try them and see how they look and feel. That should be a better basis to tell you which parts you need to work focus on.

2 No Breakfast Diet

This is the worst diet practice ever. Many believe skipping the most important meal of the day will ensure a flat tummy throughout. What many don’t know is this habit actually slows down the metabolism a great deal because it has nothing to digest early on therefore keeping it asleep. The hunger you feel from not having anything for breakfast also causes you to over-indulge on your next meal. What do you think would happen then?

According to nutritionists, when you reach 30, you need a good deal of protein on all your meals. Having eggs for breakfast or a healthy protein shake would be the best in providing for your nutritional needs and will promote healthy metabolism.

3 Skipping Meals
Another unhealthy diet myth.

The body is so much wiser than we think. When we do not give it enough nutrition, it immediately stores up the fat we take in for emergency situations. Our fat build up goes higher and so does our weight.

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For us to keep our body satisfied, we need to feed it every 4-5 hours – that means 4-5 meals a day as well. 3 full meals plus 1 or 2 smaller snacks would be smart. Plan healthy meals ahead of time and eat regularly to support a good diet.

4 One Big Meal Per Day
Many have tried this, and it may work short-term, but what happens when you go back to your old eating habits?

Eating only one full meal a day is not the right option. It does not provide your body with all its nutritional needs and you feel the hunger pangs more often than you should in a day. The best way is to eat regularly and healthily.

5 Diet Food
Sodas, cookies, protein bars, and other diet food available in the market – there’s so much of them to choose from these days.

If these have become a regular part of your diet and you believe them to be good for you, time to think again. Diet food are filled with sugar and provide the body with little to no nutrition. According to studies, when we reach our 30’s, our body becomes extremely sensitive to sugar and calories from them are stored up more often. If you’re needing a fix and your sweet tooth is calling, stick to fruits to satisfy it. [via]

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