Herbal remedy for heavy stomach pain.

Stomach pain is the pain that occurs in the area between lower part of rib cage and pelvic bone though stomach pain can be caused by the skin and tissues covering abdominal cavity but normally term stomach pain is associated with the pain caused by the internal organs such as liver, gallbladder, intestines, colon, spleen, kidney and pancreas.

Sometimes source of pain is not exactly located in the abdominal cavity but is felt in the stomach or pain arises from any organ of stomach but is felt somewhere else, such pains are called referred stomach pains.

Some serious conditions causing stomach pain are appendicitis, ischemic colitis, stones in gall bladder or kidneys, swelling of liver etc., these conditions need immediate medical attention for treatment. Some common causes for stomach pain are irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, flatulence, food stagnation and constipation.

All of these causes irritate the internal organs of the stomach in one way by pressurizing them through excessive gas formation in the abdominal cavity.

Each cause at one stage or other leads to gas formation or obstructions in the normal function of digestive or excretory system causing pain. Excessive loss of water from the body due to loose motions or diarrhea can cause stomach cramps to cause pain.

Stomach ache is a symptom in itself and may signify the presence of a medical condition. The reasons for pain in the abdomen may be due to simple or serious conditions. For simple reasons commonly found herbs and some spices are beneficial while proper diet and healthy and regular eating and sleeping patterns also help in avoiding situations of stomach pain.

Asafoetida or hing is an excellent digestive supplement and ingredient of many herbal medicines, it promotes digestive system, regulates gas, acts as a diuretic and carminative herb which can relieve stomach ache due to excessive gas or indigestion.

Gardenia gummifera linn treats all types of stomach upsets and is digestive in nature, flushes out worms in intestines to cure stomach pain. Mint is used for promoting digestion, in the diet or as a supplement after the meal. Improved digestion avoid occurrence of stomach ache due to excessive gas or constipation.

Terminalia chebula has many properties beneficial for treating stomach ailments like it is a mild laxative, rejuvenates excretory system, remove obstruction from digestive and intestinal tract and regulates formation of gas. Cassia angustifolia augurs well for healing wounds in the intestines and is also a digestive supplement; it also stimulates functioning of colon and is an anti-dysenteric.

It is also a mild laxative which helps the body in clearing digestive and excretory system. Zingiber officinale is an excellent herb and has magical properties for sound overall health, it is a rich anti-oxidant, digestive, carminative and wound healer. It is used as spice, in salad and as pickle apart from raw form.

Ptychotic ajowan is an excellent fungicide which subsides most of the stomach pains caused due to mild infections, it also works as laxative and controls excessive gas formation. It is also beneficial in diarrhea and is carminative herb.

Sodium bicarbonate can relieve stomach pain due to trapped gas in the stomach or heartburn and other discomforts immediately. It maintains acid-alkali balance and promotes digestion.

All these herbs are combined in right proportion to form Arozyme capsules which work effectively in relieving stomach pain problem. These capsules improve digestive system naturally and prevent digestive problems.

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