Rewire Your Brain For Motivation To Be Healthy


In this post we’ll talk about how to rewire your brain for motivation to be healthy. This might sound complicated because we’re talking about the brain, but actually once you understand what brain training means, and how to rewire your brain it’s really not hard to do.

Rewiring the brain for motivation is a great way to stay focused on a healthy eating plan for a long period of time. Which is the goal for most people since staying motivated has been so hard in the past.


You might call this training your brain or cognitive training. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, the aim of  mind training is to incorporate healthy goals into your daily life so you can stick to your nutrition plan easily.

Many people complain about losing motivation for fitness, or they might ask “how to be motivated to eat healthy”. The fact is we need to build a healthy eating mind set if we’re going to find ways to stay motivated. Once we get a healthy mindset, we can develop healthy food habits, and those new habits will soon develop into healthy lifestyle habits.

The first step in a healthy lifestyle is to focus on healthy food habits! Check out this posts for ten low carb diet tips for weight loss. Training your mind will happen in sequential steps toward a whole lifestyle change. Change happens one step at a time, one day at a time. If you keep this in mind, you’ll rewire your own brain in no time.

Change happens one step at a time, one day at a time.

First Step To Health Motivation

Get a good eating plan in place.
Look for a nutrition plan that is based on whole foods. Healthy unprocessed foods which are nutrient dense will help you train your mind because the brain needs vitamins and minerals to function at its best!
Rewire your mind for motivation to be healthy. Use mind power to have control of healthy lifestyle.
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Retraining the brain will help you build healthy eating habits even if you’re not losing weight! Losing weight might be your initial goal, as it is for many people. You can read more about how to get motivated to lose weight in this post. Brain training can do so much more than just weight loss! Using your brain power will ensure that you stay committed to losing weight in the beginning of your weight loss journey. I have personal experience with rewiring my brain to lose weight. I can tell you, it was the easiest way to lose my weight after ten long years of failing on diets.

You can read more about brain training for weight loss motivation in this post.

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As you move past the weight struggles, and you continue to use mind training, you’ll notice staying motivated to eat healthy will become a daily habit. A new habit that you won’t need to think about at all!


Traditionally brain training is referred to as cognitive training and it’s used in learning and memory through the use of brain games. These brain games still exist today. You can find many brain training apps online to help learning, memory and so on.

However, when we apply brain training to build healthy habits for motivation, we’re really aiming to change your lifestyle with a focus on creating new habitual behaviours to create a new healthy lifestyle. The only way to keep extra weight off, and continue to have a healthy lifestyle is to change the brain so you have new habits for life. Your new habits will make having a healthy life easy to do.

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Neuroplasticity is a term used by scientists when they describe a process meaning the brain has the power to change and evolve. This means the brain can connect new brain cells into associations inside our brain when we learn something new. Or the brain can disassociate brain cells when we break old habits.

This is very good news for creating life long healthy habits! Both, new thoughts and behaviour cause the brain to change through a term scientists call “activity dependant plasticity”. In layman terms this just means the brain will change both it’s function and structure based on activity we perform over and over again.

When you learn new things your brain is building new neurones (brain cells) to store that new information. Remember back in school when you first learnt how to spell? It took some time, but now you remember and don’t need to think about it. You must practice a new learned thought and behaviour a few times before it becomes a memory. But once a new memory is formed through repetition, your brain can use that information at a moments notice. The same process happens in our brain when we think a new thought about being motivated. It will live on a brain cell, and through repetition it will soon become an automatic response. Can you see the potential this could have on your lifestyle yet? Science tells us, we can literally build new brain cells and train them for motivation to be a healthy!

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Thinking new thoughts about your healthy lifestyle is how you’ll rewire your brain and stay motivated.

The best brain training to get motivated will be created by you. You need to create your own mind training games in order to get the most motivation. This is because everyone thinks differently, and what might motivate one person, may not be motivating to another.

Have you noticed being ‘held accountable’ with healthy eating almost never works! Motivation comes from inside us. The way we perceive a healthy lifestyle can either motivate us toward taking action, or demotivate. It’s impossible to find lasting motivation from anyone else. It must be created within us, like any new skill. Read this post to learn how to build healthy habits into your daily lifestyle.

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Take notice of how you feel when thinking about getting healthy. Do you feel excited about eating healthy foods? Do you feel demotivated by the thought of healthy activities? The feelings you have are directly related to your perception. And your perception is related to the habitual thinking patterns which happen inside your mind.

You’ll need to train your mind to see the good in everything you’re doing to build the healthy habits you want to have. This means you’ll need to create some mind stimulating thought games you can apply to your life.

Positive feelings are an important part of mind training. You’ll need to change the old thoughts and feelings, to think about your healthy lifestyle in a new positive way. As you practice good food habits, and continue to rewire your brain, positive feelings about a healthy lifestyle will become a natural part of the way you think.


Design new thought patterns about your healthy eating plan. You need to make sure you feel good about what you’re thinking. The brain wants to feel good. So, creating positive thoughts about your health goals is a very important first step in rewiring your brain for long term health motivation!

Repeat those new positive thoughts often to strengthen the new neurones you’re building. With continued practice those new thoughts become new habits, because those new little neurones will become stronger. When you have a habitual way of thinking, you have essentially rewired your brain towards motivation to be healthy.


Science suggests retraining your mind can take as little as 21 days. However in my personal experience, training the mind is an ongoing practice. When I trained my mind to lose weight, it was something I focused on every single day. The more I focused my new thoughts towards being healthy, the more I wanted to be healthy! A positive brain doesn’t happen over night. It’s really a snowball effect.


It’s important to remember that rewiring your brain isn’t a cure for bad habits. When we break old habits the brain is disassociating the old neural connections.  Building a healthy mindset revolves around the new association in your brain while also disconnecting the old. You’ll need to manage your mind for a little while to get the best results, because your brain is undergoing changes in structure and function.

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It’s very common to have a relapse into old negative thinking after the first couple of weeks into brain training. Many people I’ve spoken with have said at first they feel fantastic. This generally lasts about two weeks. Then all of a sudden, a strong feeling of de-motivation overcomes them. At this point, if they push through those feelings, and continue with rewiring their brain, they feel better. The strong feelings of being demotivated usually only last a day or two.

If they allow those negative feelings creep back into their daily thinking, they soon fall back into old habits.

This is just something I’ve noticed while working with clients. It doesn’t happen to everybody, but negative feelings coming back with a vengeance, is something I warn everyone about from the start. These strong negative feelings can be so overwhelming, and unexpected!

I believe these sudden negative urges are happening because the brain is making so many adjustments in a short period of time. Our body doesn’t like massive changes all at once. That’s a scientific fact. We can see this with changes in our blood sugar or blood pressure. If our chemistry changes suddenly, a medical emergency usually follows. The process of rewiring your mind isn’t quite the same as a medical emergency however, I believe because the brain is making such big changes in a short period of time, there is an adjustment period where the brain is trying to preserve the original structure.

This shouldn’t put you off though! If this happens to you, it will only last a day or two, and you must remember to continue with your brain training to get past it.


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