23 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

If you thought winters will not be as harsh as summers for your skin, think again. Drop in temperatures and low humidity levels result in dry air, which robs the skin of its natural moisture, resulting in brittle and dry skin.

As the season changes, your skin undergoes various transitions for which you need to take precaution. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, you must take care of it.

You don’t necessarily need to visit expensive beauty parlors for skincare treatment because you can get a flawless and glowing skin right at home! You’ll love these natural home remedies for winter skin care!

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Dry Skincare Tips

Among all skin types, dry skin is the about the most tricky one to deal with. People with this skin type can develop wrinkles at an early age, mainly due to the lack of moisture, lifestyle and climatic conditions. Dry skin can also be caused due to thyroid disorders and allergic reactions to cosmetics.

Try these winter skin care remedies at home that will not only hydrate your skin, but will also help you feel great from within

Honey and lemon must be part of your winter skin care regime

1. Honey

It provides excellent nourishment and prevents sagging. Simply apply a few drops of honey to your face and leave it for some time. Within a few weeks, you will see a great difference in your skin’s condition.

2. Drink water

This is one of the most excellent and effective dry skin care remedy. Drinking adequate water provides sufficient nourishment and prevents wrinkles. So, drink at least 3-4 liters daily.

3. Milk

Before going to the bed, drink one glass of warm milk by adding a few drops of almond oil to it. This will give you smooth, baby soft skin. Milk contains natural fats that can add glow and shine to your face.

4. Essential oils

Oils such as coconut, olive, sesame or avocado give great results. Gently massage with any of these oils in upward and circular motions to remove all dryness and keep it moisturized. Get a FREE consultation and personalized winter skincare plan from our experts today!

5. Oatmeal

Take some oatmeal in a bowl; add some honey and vitamin E capsules to it. Mix this well and massage it on your face with gentle upward and circular motions. Set apart 10 minutes every day for this process.
6. Bananas

Pick the ripest bananas and mash them into a paste. Add some sugar to this paste; rub it on the face in a circular motion. All the dry and dead skin cells will be scrubbed away by the sugar. Your skin will become smooth and silky.

7. Vanilla extract

Mix some vanilla extract, oatmeal and baking soda in a bowl. Pour it into a bathtub full of warm water. Soak your body into it and enjoy the perfect nourishing experience.

8. Vaseline

If you have a dry face, apply some Vaseline, massage it in circular motions for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off. Pat your face with a towel. You will be amazed to see your face becoming smooth.
winter skin care tip - moisturize for dry skin type

9. Cleanse less, moisturize more

Dry skin needs cleansing only once in a day to prevent drying out, but it needs frequent moisturising. So, during the day use a sunscreen of SPF 30 and wear a night cream before sleeping.

10. Don’t shower for long

Don’t stay in shower for more than 10 minutes and use a mild soap. Use natural defoliators such as citrus fruits, baking soda, salt and milk as they remove dead skin cells, revealing new skin cell beneath.

11. Watch what you eat

Those with dry skin type must eat foods rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin A, B, C and E. Consume good fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats to help your skin secrete more oil. Eating more of greens will also help your skin to gain more moisture. Avoid drinking too much of alcohol, coffee, soda or any other products high in caffeine.

Stick to this winter skin care regime if you wish to get rid of dry skin soon. Read more about tips for glowing skin

Those with oily skin usually have enlarged pores, blackheads and they also frequently experience pimples due to oil secretion from the skin. Also, when excessive sebum is released from sebaceous glands, it can cause acne. There are other reasons for the occurrence of acne like stress, puberty, hormonal changes and soaps. Below are some winter skincare home remedies and tips for oily skin.
12. Cleanse more & use oil-free moisturizers

People with oily skin type my cleanse their face at least twice in a day – in the morning and before going to bed. Also, use oil-free and gel-based moisturizers once or maximum twice in a day.  Use alcohol-based toner as it will help you get rid of excess oil, dirt and makeup.
change you diet in winter 13. Change your diet & exercise

Avoid foods that contain excess sugar, processed, greasy and starchy foods. Eat healthy foods like vegetables, complex carbs and drink lots of water. Exercise every day for at least 45 minutes and control your stress levels.

14. Exfoliate your skin with yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid that helps in removing the oil from the skin and exfoliates the skin. You can either apply plain yogurt and wash it after some time with cold water or apply it in the form of buttermilk.

15. Sandalwood oil and milk

Prepare a mixture of milk and sandalwood oil and massage your face for a few minutes. Leave it overnight and then wash it with warm water. This mixture works wonders for oily skin.
avoid hot water shower in winter

16. Avoid hot water bath

This will cause your oil glands to pump out even more oil.

17. Coffee and honey

Prepare a mixture of ground coffee and honey, and scrub it on your face. This homemade technique exfoliates oily skin well.

18. Steam

Taking hot water steam helps in clearing oily skin and getting rid of all the dirt.
orange peel and milk work best for oily skin19. Orange peel and milk

Crush dry orange peel and add raw milk to form a paste. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Clean it using cold water.

20. Egg white

Include egg whites in your winter skin care diet plan by applying it on your face; leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and later, wash it with warm water. You can also prepare a mixture of honey, oatmeal and egg white and apply it.

21. Herbal mask

Mash a boiled apple to prepare a paste. Add lemon juice, peppermint oil and lavender and apply it on face and neck. Wash your face after 5 minutes with warm water.
papaya22. Papaya

Mix ground oatmeal with meshed papaya. This scrub is one of the best exfoliator and cleanser for oily skin.

23. Aloe gel

If you wish to get rid of oily skin without putting in much effort, try this home remedy. Buy an aloevera plant – it is easy to grow. Select an older leaf, which you will find at the lower end of the plant. Slice it lengthwise and scoop out the gel; massage it gently onto your face. To enjoy its cosmetic benefits, apply the gel from the leaf to freshly washed skin. Allow it to dry.

Other winter skin care home remedies for oily skin are banana, corn starch, ice cubes and gram flour. Avoid using too many skincare products. Increase the intake of vitamin B in your diet as it can help you to get rid of oily skin naturally.

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