10 important tips for someone with cancer

Cancer is a tough journey. That’s just the truth. Whether you’re using chemotherapy or alternative treatments, it can be hard getting your body healthy again.

And sometimes the emotional side of it is more challenging than the physical; which is why I made the post, Bible Verses to Encourage Someone Diagnosed with Cancer.

important tips for someone with cancer

I write frequently about the damage chemotherapy causes, because it’s important you know what you’re putting in your body if you’ve chosen to use chemo.

But these tips are for anyone with cancer, whether using conventional treatments (like chemo, radiation, and surgery) or those who are using natural treatments to cure their cancer.


When my dad was in the hospital during his cancer treatment, I asked the oncologist if there was anything he should avoid eating or if there were things he should eat. The oncologist said it didn’t matter what he ate, just that he needed calories. But something just didn’t feel right about what he said, so I did my own research (which lead to me writing the post, The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard an Oncologist Give).

It drives me CRAZY now when I hear someone say their doctor told them the same thing. It MATTERS!!! The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is famous for a reason. What you eat, feeds your body all the way down to your cells.

When you have cancer, you need to starve the cancer cells and feed the healthy ones.

In other words: no sugar, limit red meat, but chow down on lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that contain immense amounts of cancer fighting properties. Some being berries, garlic, ginger, turmeric, leeks, and coniferous vegetables.

And if you’re not sure where to begin with your diet, click here. By clicking on that link, you’ll find juicing recipes, smoothie recipes, cancer-fighting snacks, and information on what foods fight cancer.

I also recommend read this article from ChrisBeatCancer.com for more info on vegetables with anti-cancer properties.

2) Drink Smoothies and Juices to get tons of Important Nutrients and Vitamins

During conventional cancer treatment, mouth sores and trouble swallowing are common side effects.

Smoothies and juices can provide an easy way to still get the calories, vitamins, and nutrients you need without needing to eat a whole bunch of food (plus they taste good!)

In my post, 5 Healthy Smoothies for Someone with Cancer, I provide healthy recipes that contain cancer fighting foods (#4 is the best as far as fighting cancer – make it the most). For juicing recipes read, 10 Powerful Juicing Recipes that Fight Cancer.

And in Which is Better – Juicing or Blending, I outline the differences between blending and juicing as well as the pros and cons of the two.

3) Don’t Stress
Stress affects your body more than you probably know. Stress also decreases your immune system’s ability to fight the cancer cells (and if you’re getting chemotherapy, the chemo drugs are doing that already so you don’t need anything else suppressing your immune system).

Now, I know that telling someone not to stress is easier said than done; especially someone who is battling cancer every day.

That’s why I’ve provided this article for you: 5 Practical Ways to Kill Stress

And this one: How to Eliminate Negative Thinking (Plus examples)

4) Question your Doctor
I can’t stress the importance of this one enough. I want to provide a few points I wrote on this topic in my post, Should you Question your Oncologist?

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you’re trusting the oncologists with your life – so it’s important to KNOW they have your best interest at heart and you feel the treatment is the best.

We don’t usually question oncologists (or doctors in general). However! You need to! No matter how experienced they are, or how much school they had, you know your body better than anyone.

And since they don’t take many ‘the importance of good nutrition when you have cancer’ classes – it’s important you get an experienced nutritionist who specializes in cancer.

No doctor is God; they don’t have all the answers – as a family friend reminded me, that’s why it’s called PRACTICING medicine, not PERFECTED medicine.

Please, please question your oncologist; get a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) opinion on your diagnosis.

And if you don’t know what questions to ask, read my article: 25 Questions you MUST ask your Doctor before Beginning Chemotherapy.

5) Get Educated
If I could pick only one of these tips is the most important (it would be a hard choice but) I’d probably choose this one. After you question your doctor it’s so so important to do your own research, or better yet, do your own research before questioning your doctor.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are not the only ways to beat cancer, contrary to what Big Pharma says and what the doctors learn.

I HIGHLY recommend you watching The Truth about Cancer docu-series. It changed my life. And I know that if I had known all this information several years ago, I could have saved my parents. It is life changing.

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