How to Oil the Joints to Avoid Body Part Replacements

While there are many undergoing body part replacement surgeries due to worn out joints there is little to no education about how to prevent the condition. Bones are what hold us up and when joints become worn or frozen the result is extreme pain and ultimately surgery. The question is how many operations can be avoided if people had the proper education about their health.

Recently a situation developed whereby I researched the effect of enzymes on liver health and, ultimately, body fitness. It brought forward some stunning revelations. With the degree of stress people experience today and the time constraints that often lead to a poor diet the many diseases of this century are set to worsen if they don't take heed.

The media frequently reports on the latest medical breakthroughs and development but rarely on preventions. One of the reasons is because there is no money in stopping disease, especially for the pharmaceutical companies and drug pushing doctors.

My research focused on the liver and its requirements to work effectively. This organ might be described as the power house of the body. It produces enzymes, among other things, and these are essential for breaking down food and extracting nutrients. This results in better health all over, including the oiling of the joints with synovial fluid.

Turning my focus to the liver has allowed me to gather enough information to advise that everyone should be researching on ways to clean the liver and allow it to function more efficiently. In simple terms it acts like a sewer that extracts harmful substances while allowing others to pass through. The waste products are extracted from the gut and excreted via the bowel.

When the sewer is clogged those waste products are caught and the toxins do enormous damage to the liver and hardening of the cells can occur. A fatty liver may result which is a precursor to cancer and/or other problems, such as diabetes, heart attack, even death.

Checking on the best way to care for the body is easy, especially with the Internet now full of lectures, medical reports, and general information. This article is a reminder to do one's homework and live longer, happier, and in better health. It may also mean less surgery for replacing body parts where joints are worn and one has bone on bone friction.

There is no substitute for natural products and that means eating the right foods and letting the body take care of itself. Everything depends on one's attitude towards how they eat and what type of life they want into the future.

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