Benefits of Drinking Water For Your Skin

No matter what we put ON our face, what we put into our bodies makes just as much of an impact on the quality of our skin.

You can buy the most expensive face wash, get luxe face creams and spend money on lasers …  but if you aren’t taking care of yourself it will show in your face.

I notice this in my own skin. When I eat too much dairy, don’t get enough sleep, drink too much coffee or alcohol and skip the water … it really shows.

So when you are reaching for a drink, think of water and here is why.

your body without enough water


removes toxins that can cause breakouts
replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity
keeps the skin well hydrated which enhances your complexion
combats skin disorders like psoriasis, wrinkles and eczema
flush out toxins from the body to give you a healthy glowing skin
As much as I can say (what we already know) seeing it might have more of an impact for you. Here are two things to look at to remind you to hydrate! You’ll thank me later.

The first is an incredible journey of a woman who upped her water intake and you can see through the photos how she Benjamin Button-ed herself into looking younger by drinking more water.

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