Appendicitis, the Painful Abdominal Trouble

The appendix is a worm-shaped pouch which comes out from the beginning of the colon. The exact purpose of it is not known till date. However, it exists without creating any trouble in the normal activities of the body.

However, in some individuals, it becomes inflated when the inner tissues of Appendix get infected by bacteria. There may be pus formation in the lumen.

There are several reasons behind the bacterial infection. The common ones are; mechanical blockage because of hard stool, some foreign body or thick mucus.

The condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed is called Appendicitis.

abdominal trouble

How Do You Know The Existence Of Appendicitis?

Abdominal pain is the first and the foremost sign of it. Typically, the pain starts around the belly button and moves to the lower right abdomen.

The pain is quite sharp, and it increases with movements (walking, climbing staircases or coughing). Nausea and loss of appetite are other two important signs that shouldn’t be ignored. Abdominal swelling, inability to pass gas, and fever are also quite common. Some people develop constipation where some develop diarrhea.

An important sign of Appendicitis is a deep tenderness at the point locates at the two-third distance starting from umbilicus to the right anterior iliac spine.

Kids and pregnant women feel pain elsewhere in the abdomen. Hence, it becomes difficult to diagnose it.

Appendicitis, the Painful Abdominal Trouble

Appendectomy, Removal of Appendix by Surgery

When bacterial infection inflames appendix, there is no choice for appendix removal than it by surgery. It is not an emergency surgery normally unless there is a risk of bursting of the appendix.

Sometimes, patients undergoing abdominal surgery may have the appendix removal surgery in Thane by the surgeons so that the possibility of developing appendicitis can be eliminated.

It is needless to say that doctors discuss the same with patients before performing the operation.

The Procedure of Appendectomy

Sterility precautions are very much important in the surgery of appendix. The area is shaved clean and disinfected by a germ-killing solution.

Two choices are available for removing appendix; the conventional method and laparoscopic procedure.

Open Appendectomy

An incision of two to four inches is made in the lower right side of the abdomen. The appendix is removed through the incision and stitches are applied on the wound.

Appendectomy is not a minor surgery; it is a routine surgery, though.  It takes a few weeks to recover, and patients are required to take precautions during the recovery period.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy

It is the new-age, less invasive method which gains popularity nowadays. Large incisions are not required in this case. Instead of it, doctors make one to three tiny holes. A laparoscope is inserted in one of the incisions through a long, thin wire.

The laparoscope contains surgical tools and video camera. Surgeons perform the surgery looking at the TV screen using guided tools.

The appendix is removed through the other incision. Since the incisions are very small, patients need less time to recover. The pain and discomfort in laparoscopic surgery are quite low.

When appendix busts and the infection spreads in the abdomen, laparoscopic procedure can’t be used. The conventional surgery remains the only choice in such case.

Post-Surgery Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, appendix removal in Mumbai is quite common, but the procedure is complex (especially, when you prefer conventional method). Therefore, one must gather sufficient information about the pre and post surgery precautions.

Doctors tell about the limitations and preventive measures after performing the procedure. Patients and their family members should pay attention to it. Negligence may have severe implications.

Some of the activities may get restricted for a finite or infinite periodComputer Technology Articles, depending on the situation. All such aspects should be discussed with the doctor.

Appendicitis, the Painful Abdominal Trouble

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